“This framed the discussion in terms of how academic disciplines reacted to ideas from workers from outside their field, claiming that there was an academic aversion to permitting people to cross inter-disciplinary boundaries.”

-from the Wikipedia entry on Immanuel Velikovsky.

“Instead of rigorously proving his insights in each field, he said he preferred to “stimulate the field by making bold and crazy conjectures” ——“

-from the N Y Times obituary for Benoit Mandelbrot.

The only purpose of this page is to provide a link to a part of the main post.


2 Responses to “.”

  1. Off-the-shelf technology for expanding human possibilities « Helping to Save The World by slingin' lead at your screen Says:

    […] which has necessarily been part and parcel of all like experiences and endeavors to date. I have not the background nor access to facilities to pursue this in a timely manner; others so motivated must take up such efforts, if they agree with the intentions of this goal and […]

  2. nosigns Says:

    In response to an apparently legitimate comment all the way from Paris* that contained the belief that because in my post “…sources of information have been… omitted (including)…The New Testament…,” I must reply in kind that that comment was “charming, but flawed.”

    *postscript: upon further looking into the website associated with this particular commenter, I find that the site is in Japanese and that all of the links within it contain questionable content. Perhaps the entire content was computer-generated to appear as if it was a person making actual comments…?

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