A survey to gauge Site Viewer Comprehension +/or Satisfaction (or Other)

As the Poll at the bottom of the main post has been less-than-totally enlightening, I undertake another method to gauge viewer’s views on this site. This, in light of so many of the visitors to this site being shanghaied into arriving here via a spurious link from Reddit that is less-than-productive.

Regretfully, you must click this external link. It is from SurveyMonkey, the legitimate survey creation site. Trust me, you won’t get an electric shock or find your bank account drained by Nigerians. Hover over the words “this external link” above with your mouse first to see. The venerable “https. etc…” site name/address will magically appear at the bottom left of the page first. Try it! You’ll Like It! (apologies to Alka Seltzer)  It will open in a new tab or page here. Thanks in advance for participating!

Hint: listening to this first may help on one of the questions:




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