Action Videos! See It NOW! Before your very eyes!

The videos below will help to explain  two quite disparate topics that this website touches on:  Typesetting Machines and parapsychology. The fun stuff first, of course!

Wild, crazy action video of a linotype machine… Slingin’ HOT LEAD before your eyes!!

Wild, crazy action videos of  moving pictures for that talked-about talkie, The Men Who Stare at Goats!!  Two, count ’em, 2 trailers and T-W-E-L-V-E (12) related videos!  Durn-near like t’ seein’ th’ movie at the the-A-ter. See Them All! videos) DVD sales info also.

More videos of Hot Linotype Action!!! SEE the comparison between the old hand-set type procedure and the NEW speedy Linotype method starting at 2:30 into the above video. No Comparison!!!

This 10 minute-long one, the first thing that comes up on the link below, is a somewhat scholarly… somewhat humorous look-back on the old company doing business in America from the end of the hot lead days thru the 1980s, including selling hominy grits.  From “This Week With Frank Romano” for the week of May 13, 2009 on

Video: (link)

An entertaining (and educational) documentary film, “Linotype: the Film… In Search of The Eighth Wonder of the World,” came out at festivals and on DVD in 2012. The nearly-equally-entertaining trailer for the film (here) ends with other Vimeo clips from and about the movie. The website where you can buy the film and read more about it is at

Edit note, 8-13:  I see that 2 videos previously linked to here on linotype machines are no longer up on youtube so the dead links have been removed.

Slipping in at the end here is a more serious, on-topic video of a discussion of Remote Viewing, touched on in the main post. 

Also, here is another video of a segment that appeared on National Geographic on the subject of survivors of Near Death Experiences (courtesy of a friend of mine, Phil Frank)



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  1. Off-the-shelf technology for expanding human possibilities | Helping to Save The World by slingin' lead at your screen Says:

    […] For more information, read Bremseth’s paper at: Original article published at: Another background article of interest from ABC News exploring “possible truth in Men Staring at Goats, etc.” is found at this link. The following is an informative video on the history of military remote viewing. Another video on the concept of what survivors of Near Death Experiences perceive while they are “out” is at the end of my page here Action Videos. […]

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