Dilbert, and now Ernest Hemmingway, weigh in on “Is this idea going anywhere?”

This concept appears to be experiencing an “idea plateau.”  Unless of course it’s simply being worked upon so stealthily that I’m not aware of it.  Any tips out there on how to keep the ball rolling?

“Ideas are cheap and abundant,” proclaimed legendary management consultant and self-described social ecologist Peter Drucker, “what is of value is the effective placement of those ideas into situations that develop into action.”

Read more: http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2011/03/18/scott-belsky-idea-plateaus/#ixzz1H4nTQbuC

Separately, perhaps some of the writing on this site is not user-friendly enough. I recently became aware of an application that, utilizing the writings of Ernest Hemmingway as an example, would analyze the writing here to let me know just how clear it was or not. I took a big chunk of the main post’s first section and let the app rip. The results were not pretty, just “OK.” Should I re-do everything?
hemmingway app


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