More Gov’t SpookStuff

I have become aware of the the popularity within the government of Skunkworks/Black-ops/Area 51-type programs from articles such as this NY Times piece (link) on the culture of patches purported to be worn by those involved.  This is in reference to a book newly out in paperback (link) ,“I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me—Emblems from the Pentagon’s Black World,” by Trevor Paglen, that sets out to tell the story of “…a bizarre secret world of the American military.”  Sure sounds like what is touched on in the main post here, eh?  And the whole Men Who Stare At Goats scene and its reality-based inspiration, the First Earth Battalion (link).

Heya Spooks, howzabout parceling out some of your loose change on my idea?

If I tell you, I have to kill you (patch actually pure black--lightened here for clarity)


One Response to “More Gov’t SpookStuff”

  1. (supporting information from a section of the main post) Says:

    (excerpt from main post here)
    “…He examines the official closure of Project STARGATE by the CIA, even though the successes of the program were well known and well documented.

    Bremseth asks what many others have also considered: Was the once-secret official program overtly shut down so that ongoing covert research and operations could continue?

    He examines the question directly. “One can legitimately ask … why the CIA, after ending ‘official’ supporting 1975 continued tasking the program for intelligence support until 1995, when it then orchestrated the program’s demise? If the CIA considered the remote viewing program incapable of producing substantive results, why did it continue requesting remote viewing intelligence support for almost twenty-four years?”

    Bremseth asks, “Did the CIA terminate the remote viewing program because it feared ridicule by association, or did it stage a ‘public execution’ as a means of taking the program underground? Both are legitimate questions. The first is understandable given perception of paranormal activities by many within American society, as well as the CIA’s past experiences involving controversial research efforts.”

    “Arguably, the second question is more intriguing as it implies that the CIA recognized the value of remote viewing, yet intended to make it appear otherwise.”

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