Petition for change: Let’s get their attention!

Perhaps it takes a petition to effect the change we’re looking for….  Please consider electronically signing this one if you agree that the hypothesis presented here deserves consideration.  The title of the petition below is the link to that page.

Responsible Western Governments +/or Scientific Entities: Use existing Medical Technology to focus The Subconscious to solve problems.

Why this is important:

Our subconsciousness minds have been proven to be one pathway to information, knowledge and intelligence gathering through means not explainable by conventional science, though, not reliably so. Much of precognition, remote viewing, OOBE impressions, NDEs and other parapsychological phenomenon suffers from a lack of reliability, repeatability and general disreputability… and understandably so.

There is a hypothesized usage of various off-the-shelf medical technologies that can quite possibly allow persons utilizing them in a dedicated setting to reach those useful mental states that can lead to problem solving, and reach them for the first time in humanity’s experience WITHOUT those false readings and religious colorations that historically sabotage such explorations and attempted utilizations of “inner space.”


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