ResearchGate-gate… a tempest in a teapot

Dear ResearchGate followers of  “Ottmar Mergenthaler,”

Today, 5-24-11, I received a missive from “the Management” at, where I have a profile and various information under this obvious pseudonym (noted on my profile’s “About Me” section).  User Care has an issue with my profile information and has requested action and/or a reply (duly given). I reproduce all here in the interest of as much transparency as I am prepared to give.

User Care

8 hours ago

Hello, Your Profile is clearly Fake, and Users complained about it. This to inform you that we do not appriciate profiles not representing real Users. Please change name and content of your Profile to make it yours. We have refined privacy settings, too. If you choose not to, we will consider to lock your account. Regards, RG UserCare



I am sorry if you feel as if my profile is less than transparent here but allow me to digress on the rationale behind it and then contact me again at your convenience.

My studies/research in the areas that have been of interest to me since the 1980s are ones that have historically been given short shrift by much of the public and some of the scientific community. Psi and parapsychological research has been under the handicap of fringe or pseudo-science for decades. Those who hold forth anything of substance are often dismissed if not ridiculed. Now, it is one thing for a true academician to come up with findings or take a stand in this area and be professionally discounted. It is another for one who does not hold degree credential in that area to present findings, conclusions or even hypotheses.

If you take the time to look at my website that I reference on my profile:, you will hopefully draw the conclusion that the main ideas I put forth there are reasonable and the result of serious thought and research. See also the “20 year old document” besides the main post for additional background to the concepts there. Now, after your hopefully taking due care in perusing this, you will probably get the impression that indeed there could be elements that could subject one to being discounted or even ridiculed. This is the society we live in and human nature is what it is.

I am not degreed in the field of parapsychology or related fields. I am self-taught: “autodidact.” hence the somewhat fanciful “Autodidaktischen Institut” listed as my institution. In the ‘About Me’ section I state: “Autodidact interdisciplinary researcher,” and “FYI, Ottmar Mergenthaler IV is not my real name, nor is the picture mine.” As you can see, I am upfront about this and not trying to fool anyone. The ten or so persons following my research do not seem to have a problem with this.

Because I’m a “regular person” and not in academics with a professional reputation to somewhat shield me or ‘justify’ unusual findings or hypotheses, I choose for these reasons only to maintain my privacy in this one respect… not wishing to put a monkey-wrench into my unrelated personal life that would undoubtedly be incurred if I utilized my name on either the website or here. The “Ottmar Mergenthaler” seems innocuous enough, given the name of the website (reasons for its use on the page there at

I ask that you both visit the site +/or its google docs equivalent and consider a private person’s understandable desire for a degree of privacy, though also coupled with a desire for this additional venue of yours for decades of valid research in a scientific field to be utilized in order to get those with credentials to vet my ideas and hopefully some of them seeing fit to undertake to validate the ideas that I am not in a position to.

Do feel free to contact the website’s referenced Dr. Angela Smith or Dr. Popovich* if you personally want to verify my interactions with them. But please consider making an exception to your general rule on total transparency of personal information on your site, given my circumstances and the nature of my work. My ideas need the exposure. I do not. If you delve into it beyond the main post, you may note that I do make some efforts there to leaven the seriousness of the main subject with some levity in an attempt to bring the business down to earth.

By the way, my website has had over 2,000 views since its inception (at the time of this reply; now in October 2013 it is almost 5,000). If needed, I could temporarily share log-in information there with you for verification.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this and I trust that my signing this below will not be construed as my agreement for you to put my name in place of the pseudonym I’ve chosen for good reason.

(real name given to them but withheld here)


Dr. Smith is a research psychologist and writer who has developed an interest in human consciousness research over the past ten years. She was educated in conventional medical research before working at the PEAR Laboratory at Princeton University. Angela is interested in investigating consciousness and its correlations with remote viewing, laterality, personality measures, and other variables. Lately, she has combined two areas of research: remote viewing and micro-pk work to look for the “Footprint of Consciousness.”

*Robert P. Popvich, Ph.D, P.E.

Bio-Medical Engineering

University of Texas at Austin

MP Research Institute


3410 Owen


512 459-6611

(last know contact information)

PS, in your message to me, I think that you meant “appreciate,” not “appriciate.” Even those who are autodidact can pick up on some things outside their fields.

Update 10-2013: I find that my page on the above-referenced website is at least temporarily inaccessible, leading me to believe that those autodidact are perhaps again not entirely welcome there. I am undertaking steps to rectify this that may or may not meet with success. If not, to those with whom I previously interacted with there: thank you for your support (and thank YOU Drs. Bartles and Jaymes).


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