8,100+* views! Hope this has helped.


Unlike Edward Rondthaler, who’s mentioned in the “About” page here, I sure hope that I also don’t have to keep plugging away at this for 99 years.  A test for the viability of the general hypothesis can certainly be done before the Bluebird of Happiness turns into one who’d rather just do a number on my birthday cake.

*The numbers reflect quite a few views of a page that is no longer publicly-posted here; one that had been here for a lack at the time for a better place to park it. It garnered many views for a narrow, spurious reason that reflected one person’s idea of humor. As the subject matter of the page was not truly related to the main thrust of this site and and the consequently-inflated numbers were not a true reflection of the overall stats, my disclaimer here is that the actual numbers as of October, 2017 are closer to *7, 500, not 8, 100.



One Response to “8,100+* views! Hope this has helped.”

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    […] now been added at the tail end here and is duplicated on its own page!  Lastly, there have been 6,ooo+ views* of this page as of March, 2014. Thanks (and I hope that the extraneous typesetting info here was […]

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